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"HANNOVER FAIR - CeBIT '86 - USA" USA Stand Aussteller

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Extremely rare pin of Hannover Fair CeBIT 1986, which was at those days the largest IT fair in the world.
Besides the booths of all major players in the field, many countries had own separate booths where they presented mostly smaller and start-up companies, showing their state-of-the-art technology.

This pin was handed out only to staff and exhibitors of the USA booth and was the "ticket" to enter and leave the booth at will, and to enter the VIP area lounge with guests, where Coffee, drinks and snacks were served.

Just by such it is obvious that not many of the pins were made and distributed.

The pin is in Excellet condition and was only worn then at the fairgrounds.
57,00 Euro
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Gespeichert: 20.11.2023 | 324
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