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James Last ‎– Last the whole Night long - Doppel LP

James Last ‎– Last the whole Night long - Doppel LP
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James Last
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Vinyl Doppel-LP 12 Zoll

James Last ‎– Last the whole Night long

Trackliste :
A1 Rivers Of Babylon 1:24
A2 Dancing In The City 1:12
A3 Night Fever 1:39
A4 Boogie, Oogie Oogie 1:23
A5 If I Only Had Time 1:02
A6 Sailing 1:38
A7 Una Paloma Blanca (White Dove) 1:36
A8 I Can't Give You Anything 1:34
A9 Y Viva Espana 1:01
A10 Fernando 1:39
A11 Massachusetts (The Lights Were Out In) 1:24
A12 You're The One That I Want 1:29
A13 Rasputin 2:55
B1 Brown Girl In The Ring 1:42
B2 One For You One For Me 3:18
B3 Save Your Kisses For Me 1:30
B4 Amazing Grace 2:05
B5 Yesterday 1:15
B6 Love Is In The Air 1:26
B7 I'm On Fire 1:29
B8 I Only Want To Be With You 1:29
B9 You Make Me Feel Brand New 2:41
B10 I Write The Songs 1:32
B11 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 1:02
B12 Money, Money, Money 1:39
C1 Black Is Black 1:33
C2 In Zaire 1:44
C3 Kiss You All Over 2:46
C4 Mull Of Kintyre 2:36
C5 Lara's Theme 2:56
C6 Rock Bottom 1:18
C7 I Love To Love 1:40
C8 Love Hurts 1:24
C9 Belfast 1:47
C10 It`s A Heartache 1:34
C11 Substitute 1:31
C12 Dancing Queen 1:35
D1 Stayin' Alive 1:39
D2 Let Me Be The One 1:35
D3 Cecilia 1:13
D4 I've Gotta Get A Message To You 1:29
D5 Strangers In The Night 1:27
D6 Daddy Cool 1:34
D7 Summertime 2:00
D8 Jeans On 1:13
D9 All By Myself 1:17
D10 You're My First, My Last, My Everything 1:44
D11 Knowing Me, Knowing You 1:31
D12 Devil Woman 0:53
D13 Stuff Like That 3:32

Label :Polydor ‎– 2664 236 von 1979

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Gespeichert: 16.11.2022 | 1396
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